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Evergreen Content, Why it’s Such a Big Freaking Deal

Evergreen content. It’s kind of a big freaking deal. And if you’re serious about growing your website viewership, learning the importance of evergreen content (and how to create it), is essential. But what exactly is evergreen content, how do you create it, and why does your website need it?

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why evergreen content is important for seo

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What is Evergreen Content?

Similar to a Taylor Swift lyric, evergreen content never goes out of style. It’s content that is optimized, and isn’t based on trends, seasons, or current events. Evergreen content stays relevant and sustainable for long periods of time, with traffic usually continuing to increase long past the date you hit publish.

Meaning a reader could find your content just as helpful 3 years from now as they do today.

Why is Evergreen Content Important?

Evergreen content can help your website in a lot of ways:

Evergreen content can increase your website’s traffic: Because the content stays relevant, optimized content will rank in Google (eventually), which could lead to more clicks, and more visits on your site week over week, month over month, year over year.

Evergreen content can help increase your backlinks: When you create valuable content that ranks on Google, you increase your chances of other publishers wanting to link back to your content.

Evergreen content can help you gain authority: If you’re ranking on Google, and other publishers are linking back to you, Google is going to view you even more favorably (as well as other people who find your site). Because they’re going to look at you and think, “Wow. This person really knows their stuff.”

Evergreen content gives you more stuff to post about on social media: Evergreen content, since it never goes out of style, can be posted about as often as you’d like on your social platforms, newsletters, and more.

Search Engine Optimization

Not only should you strive to produce content that never goes out of style, but you should strive to produce content that is SEO friendly (SEO stands for search engine optimized). Meaning: it’s strategically packed (but not over-packed, your blog post isn’t a girl’s trip to Aspen), with keywords that are sought after, and possible to rank for.

Even a great article isn’t going to be too exciting if no one is searching for any of the keywords used in it, right? In that instance, the chances are high that your post isn’t going to be seen by anyone you’re not actively pushing it out to (like on social, Pinterest, or in your email blasts).

“Evergreen content is ever-relevant.”

neil patel

But if you’re using keywords that you know people are searching for, and they’re not super competitive, then you increase your chances of people finding your content ongoing for years to come.

Focus on building content around keywords you’d like to rank for (and think you have a good shot at ranking for), include appropriate alt text for your images, and network with other publishers that you’d like to build backlinks from.

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Examples of Content That Never Goes Out of Style

So what are examples of evergreen content, then?

Evergreen content most typically includes (but is not limited to):

  • Lists
  • Tips and How-To/Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Product reviews
  • Glossaries
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Case studies
  • Checklists
  • Posts about evergreen content

Evergreen content is not current events, posts on celebrities or those in the public eye, trending posts or current fads, or seasonal content. The reason being is that type of content changes over time, or it goes out of style. A fashion trend may not be in style a few years, months, or even weeks from now. And if it’s not, people aren’t going to be searching for it.

But a how-to post on evergreen content is going to be just as valuable years, months, and weeks from now as it is today.

That’s the difference.

Tips for Creating Evergreen Content

So now that it’s time to create your fresh evergreen content that will excite readers and keep them flocking to your blog, remember these last pieces of advice:

Do your research: Write about a topic that’s relevant to your niche, has a high search volume, and is something that won’t go out of style.

Use relevant keywords: Keyword research should be part of your blog-writing process regardless, but focusing on keywords should always be part of your evergreen content creation. (My favorite tool for keyword research is Keysearch).

Add value (educate or solve a problem): Turn your blog post into a tutorial, how-to, case study, or something that will solve a problem your audience is having.

Update your content as needed: Revisit your content from time to time to make sure there isn’t anything that needs to be updated. Perhaps you need to check that any links you’ve used still go to the correct page, or maybe you need to add relevant related reading to your posts. Re-visiting your content is always a good idea to ensure the content is fresh.

Mix in Misc. Posts: Don’t get so hung up on thinking all of your content needs to be evergreen. It doesn’t. You can definitely mix in timely pieces, too.

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  1. Great advice about evergreen content!! I see so many people pushing seasonal but I think of myself as the tortoise 🐢 I’m slow and steady in my SEO race! I am a newbie blogger, my site hatched in July of this year. I have taken an SEO course (a few other masterclasses as well) to invest in the future of my blog. Thanks for your post!!

    1. Hey Danielle! That’s the best thing you can do – invest in yourself and take the time to do it right! So often we rush through things, but slow and steady wins the race!

  2. Great post! I guess I should focus more on blogging, even if I see quite a big traffic growth lately, after months of staying in one place.

  3. When I started blogging, I never did evergreen content, and I never really went farther with google. As soon as I pivot to evergreen, you can see the change. I have 4 videos slowly going viral, bringing in great views. Same with the recipe post that I have.

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