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4 Sunday Night Organizing Tips for an Easier Work Week

Does anyone else view Sunday as their pre-work day? You know, the practice day before opening day where you prep and organize so that way when you roll out of bed Monday morning you are ready for everything that awaits you? Just me? That’s okay.

I love Mondays, so the thought of doing something to prepare for a day that excites me just gets my creative juices flowing. Maybe after you read my top organizing tips for an easier workweek you’ll see what I mean 😉

The truth is, if you have the time and it doesn’t interfere with any much-needed R&R, then utilizing even just a small amount of your time on Sunday is a great way to set yourself up for success when your work week rolls around, and for most of us, that’s Monday morning.

Benefit of Using Sunday to Get Organized

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4 Sunday Night Organizing Tips for an Easier Work Week

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4 Sunday Night Organizing Tips for an Easier Work Week

Prioritize Tasks

There’s nothing worse than going into a workweek realizing you spent far too much time on a project that still isn’t due until later in the month and haven’t yet finished a project that’s due TODAY.

Save yourself the mess and get organized the night before. Create a list of your weekly priorities so you know exactly where, when, and on what your attention should be focused on, and come up with an action plan to get those priorities checked off your to-do list.

Declutter Your Work Space

I don’t know about you, but I can’t start a work task until my space is clean. If there are piles of junk – I just can’t focus. No matter how hard I might try.

My attention will constantly be pulled toward all the things that are piled up in front, to the side, and behind me. So, if you’re able to, organize yourself before Monday morning rolls around.

Clean up piles on your desk, update your schedule and to-do list, and clean out your read emails that are just sitting there taking up space.

Your Monday morning will thank you.

Organize Your Week

Just like your space, you should organize your plans for the week so you’re prepared for everything on your agenda.

I hate going into a fresh week without a clear plan. Spend some time on your Sunday just getting organized for the week. Review your ending agenda from the previous week and cross off any items that were accomplished.

Turn the page onto the new week and write down any priorities, projects, meetings, and things to remember so that way once your alarm goes off, you already know exactly how to split your time.

Do What You Can Ahead of Time

Don’t force your rest day into a full on eight hours of work, but if there are little things you can easily take off your plate to ease the workload of the week, do so.

Maybe this means creating a checklist in your online management system, or scheduling out a couple social posts that need to go live Monday. (My favorite Pinterest scheduler is Tailwind!)

Rest days are there for a reason, but if there are small tasks that won’t take up much time that you can accomplish ahead of time, do so. You’ll only make your Monday that much easier if you’re not letting all the things pile up.

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