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Our Jamaican Getaway

This year the Funderburks decided to plan the ultimate of all vacations; A Family Trip to Jamaica.

I was against it from the start (sorry, family). Taking my fair-skinned six year old out of the country and landing him near the equator (kind of) did not sound the least bit appealing to me. In fact, it raised my anxiety to a sky-rocketing all time high.

Getting him a passport? Flying him to a foreign land? Spending 7 days straight in water when neither he nor I could swim? That’s a hard pass for me.

But, I was outvoted (imagine that), so we went anyway. (Luckily, one of us learned how to swim a few weeks before we left. I’ll give you one hint: it wasn’t me).

Despite my nagging worries, we did end up having the most incredible time, and we’re even trying to figure out how and when we can go back.

We literally spent seven days doing nothing but:

  • taking morning walks on the beach
  • hunting for fish and starfish (we found six)
  • eating everything in sight (fro-yo every day yo)
  • swimming
  • playing catch
  • practicing our snorkeling
  • riding water bikes (told you my legs were strong, Chad)
  • going down water slides endless times
  • floating down the lazy river
  • running like maniacs through the splash/water park
  • dancing
  • boxing in the arcade
  • playing beach volleyball

To say we had fun is an understatement. We had an absolutely incredible time. The three of us managed to spend the entire week together, and what’s really amazing is that we all got along! The entire time! (Mostly).

Adding to the Strange but True category is that we ran into not one, but TWO families that we know from our town. In Jamaica. At our resort. Small world, or what?!

Cooper even experienced his first actual crush (right along with his first actual heartbreak), and it assured me that I am nowhere near ready for when he starts dating. This mama couldn’t handle one second of it. (Thank God our resort had plenty’o’wine). (And Red Stripe. Deer in the headlights. Don’t get me started).

Without further ado, here’s a little peak inside our ultimate family adventure:

The Funderburks in Jamaica – Ya Mon

(You can find my outfit details and similar options here).

In case I haven’t mentioned before, we have the most amazing travel agent in the world; Janelle Throne! I wouldn’t dream of ever booking a trip without going through her! Say goodbye to booking online yourselves, people. Janelle will make sure every single detail is taken care of for you!

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